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Välkommen till min katolska blogg! Jag är Romersk Katolik sedan 1999. Här skriver jag om det som ligger mig närmast hjärtat. Om min tro.


Welcome to my catholic world! Yes, I am a roman-catholic and I feel very much at home in my faith. My choosen Catholic name (thats volontary) is: Maria-Magdalena.

Long before I became a catholic, I belonged to the Swedish Church (Protestant Church), but I never felt as if I truley belonged there… No, it was more like that I was there because my parents sort of ”put me there” so to speak, because they themselfs belonged to it. It was more a ”suppose to” than a true faith-thing…

For a very long time, I actually thought for real, that that church was the cristian church, and couldnt for my life understand it. So as the years whent by I started -like many other- to think that this whole thing was a big hoxe! So I started to turn ”to the other side”… to the dark side…

Well, God didnt abandon me, eventhough I sort of ”abandoned him”. One night in 1996 God gave me a true revelation, that I really couldnt ignore… It really scared me into my core… but at the same time I knew then and there that He was for real! I asked him what I should do, were I should look to find out more about him… About the truth about this whole thing… So he told me to look up the Catholic Church. And so I did….

The information I got in the beginning wasnt easy for me to take in and even accept at times, but as things went along, and I started to discuss my questions whith som very learned priests, I started to understand things… As many others I had some questions about the Virgin Mary, and had some fears about praying to her and all of that, but soon I understood, that it was no reason to fear her, because God himself did choose her to cary and raise his own Son.  To take care of Jesus Christ. So how could I then fear her? No… As long as I had my focus on God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity, there was no conflict in asking her for intersession in front of Gods holyness. :)

God bless you all.

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